I hate this phase

I cried last night because of loneliness. do you feel that way? I mean, when you think nobody was there for you, even asking how are you doing, it really sucks. I mad. I feel really bad.
since I was a child, my life is full with friends. playing, studying, even for sleeping, I did all of those activities together with anywho. I thought, whoa, this is life everybody means? life that would never be easy. whoa, this is life that everybody 's talking? life that would not be always pretty. Oh, I get it. suddenly, my tears went down. I hate it. I really hate it.

a lot of my friends said that they will always beside me whenever I need them, they will always listen to me, accompany me, and blalala me which are they do it for good. you can say I am selfish, whatever. in fact, those are totally lying. that is just words they can say to make me calm and quiet. I don't even know they do really care but themselves.

is there someone who gonna explain to me? I feel terrible.


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