because we grown up

whenever I saw a movie on TV, I was thinking, why people in this world just exist now then why the dinosaurus had been gone for this era? I was (still) thinking, why I am here, why I have to be a girl that is still young and why I have to be a daughter who was born first in my family. many questions I asked for my self. I quiet, waiting for the answer though just wind whisper at me.
there's no answer.

you may say, those sentences above are my situation now. I feel really curious about anything these days. I am pessimist, suspicious, being overthinker. it's like I've changed become someone that I never been before. Perhaps I am just not ready to have such a negative side of me, the terrible things that might be happen in my life in the future. being 22 really isn't easy, for me personally. I cried a lot, even for unreasonable thing. my friend said this is normal. the others said that too, and making sure that they are understand about me, though I know they just don't. doesn't matter. we grown up now.

hoewever, this is my new life. I have parents who always expect me to be a better person and make them happy. I have sisters and lil' bro, they must be see me as a good role so I will show you guys how to be a good person for your lovely people and yourself. I'll always try to protect you but I hope the most you can protect yourself in anykind of situation. I have to be more positive because life goes on. you just started your 20 something. dont give up easily.

do not give up easily. do not surrender for nothing.

all photos use Ricoh GX-1 with Fuji superia ISO 200


"when you grow up, what kind of girl will you be. Will you write a book or invent a machine? Will you be an astronaut or will you sail the sea? When you grow up, what kind of person will you be? oh the things you'll be happy." - When you grow up (Priscilla Ahn)

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