supersampler me

these are some of my supersampler lomo results .

I went to Dago, Bandung for car free day on last sunday . the day was so wonderful . so many performances : local art, bike freestyler, many kind of communities; and I'm one of them . I'm join Klastic Bandung . Klastic is Kaskus plastic for anyone whom love plastic toy camera . in the beginning, I even don't know all of them, I just followed my friend, Fahri, because he is a member for that group, and for me, it's nice to meet new people and get know about them. almost of them are boys, but it's allright, for me, I just feel more comfortable to be friend with boys because they are such a kind persons and fun . outgoing and friendly . at this age, it's difficult to have and collect many girlfriends for me because, I don't know, just I feel so free to be whoever I want to if I'm hanging out with boys . but it doesn't mean I have no girlfirends. I have many . and I love them too

and about my pictures . I love them soo much . particularly, I loved the results derived from the analog photos. so sorry my dslr, I love you too and I always need you to accompany me if I go to many gigs and another event, but if I wanna have some fun, I will keep you in my closet . because you're too precious for me :')

enjoy my photos . ya know, practice makes perfect! it's my favorite quotation :))


what I want to have and what I want to get this month

  • yellow swatch watch
  • classic piano course
  • diana F+ chromiacs
  • black leather jacket
  • brighter body and face skin
  • be skinny
yes . my plan is, this month I'm going to have a piano course once a week . I want to make my own songs, so I learn piano . I love listen piano instruments, I love to feel the way I play piano keys. therefore, I decided I will take a course . nothing is too late, isn't it? so wish me luck!

black leather jacket : I want that one I want that one! Having awesome leather jacket means you have to savings more money. so I will do that . I will I will , I promise!

be skinny . don't get me wrong . I just so curious and wonder, how it feels to be skinny . Then, I should go on diet, perhaps? haha or I often fasting frequently . hell yeah, I just have to keep trying, and consistent . YEAH!

The other things, I just keep them for next month wishes . hopefully I'm not forget :))

santamonica I love

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In 2001, when Joseph Saryuf returned home to Jakarta after studying in Hamburg, Germany, he decided to become a full-time musician and starting to compose songs for his own music project. Not long after that, Joseph met Anindita, a fashion editor and freelance illustrator, and they formed a duo based on their similar taste in music and their love for analog sounds.
Established in 2003, Santamonica is the brainchild of duo Joseph Saryuf and Anindita. Described their sound as the musical version of a trip down to Alice In Wonderland adventures, it is an eclectic mixture of pop, bossanova, electronic, and classic waltz which drawing influences from Astrud Gilbeto, Antonio Jobim, My Bloody Valentine to classic Disney soundtracks.
Their music is distinguished by its multi-layered sound, Joseph's surreal guitar works and Anindita's unique voice and whimsical lyrics. These dynamic duo is also actively gracing various gigs and stages, gaining more followers with the bands unique sound and stage antics. you can see them at here
I love their sounds . I love their voice . I love their video . I love their style .
santamonica . I wish could make video clip for you guys .hehehe. wish that come true

my favorite video and song of Santamonica