supersampler me

these are some of my supersampler lomo results .

I went to Dago, Bandung for car free day on last sunday . the day was so wonderful . so many performances : local art, bike freestyler, many kind of communities; and I'm one of them . I'm join Klastic Bandung . Klastic is Kaskus plastic for anyone whom love plastic toy camera . in the beginning, I even don't know all of them, I just followed my friend, Fahri, because he is a member for that group, and for me, it's nice to meet new people and get know about them. almost of them are boys, but it's allright, for me, I just feel more comfortable to be friend with boys because they are such a kind persons and fun . outgoing and friendly . at this age, it's difficult to have and collect many girlfriends for me because, I don't know, just I feel so free to be whoever I want to if I'm hanging out with boys . but it doesn't mean I have no girlfirends. I have many . and I love them too

and about my pictures . I love them soo much . particularly, I loved the results derived from the analog photos. so sorry my dslr, I love you too and I always need you to accompany me if I go to many gigs and another event, but if I wanna have some fun, I will keep you in my closet . because you're too precious for me :')

enjoy my photos . ya know, practice makes perfect! it's my favorite quotation :))

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