what I want to have and what I want to get this month

  • yellow swatch watch
  • classic piano course
  • diana F+ chromiacs
  • black leather jacket
  • brighter body and face skin
  • be skinny
yes . my plan is, this month I'm going to have a piano course once a week . I want to make my own songs, so I learn piano . I love listen piano instruments, I love to feel the way I play piano keys. therefore, I decided I will take a course . nothing is too late, isn't it? so wish me luck!

black leather jacket : I want that one I want that one! Having awesome leather jacket means you have to savings more money. so I will do that . I will I will , I promise!

be skinny . don't get me wrong . I just so curious and wonder, how it feels to be skinny . Then, I should go on diet, perhaps? haha or I often fasting frequently . hell yeah, I just have to keep trying, and consistent . YEAH!

The other things, I just keep them for next month wishes . hopefully I'm not forget :))


  1. Brighter body and face skin? What's wrong with your body and your face skin now? Be confidence :D Well... May we to be a friend? Please visit my little home at Buku Kecil

  2. hehehe nothing's wrong with my body and face skin, that are my random wishes . sometimes if you're a girl . you feel you will more beautiful with your bright skin . but for now . my 'farah queen' skin is the best I have so far haha .kidding.
    okey let's make a friend . I've visited yours but I'm little 'bit confusing how we can exchange link eh?