about me

My name is dina agustina suardi (1989). I was born and raised in Bogor, Indonesia. I was communication of media college student in Universitas Padjadjaran, Jatinangor. now i currently working in Alive Indonesia, a brand activation company as a programmer creative. yea still new here but I am excited!

I am so into lomography by now. First thing I know about lomography when I saw my friend's photo with amazing results. I asked and my friend offer me a lomo camera. I saw him (my first lomo is blue) and stared for a moment then I decided to buy it. the fastest decision I've ever did. Love at first sight happened to me.
So I keep doing my lomography activity not only with lomo brand camera but also I use many kind of analogue cameras and I know now, I fall in love with negative/positive films because I think they are just honest. showing my expressions through their results. Amazing. for my analogue photos you can see here

I used to be someone who passionately active to do cinematography things. I made short movies and one-minutes videos with my college friends. I also lead a team to do some music documentation working. Since I was so busy with my thesis, I postponed this but later I have an agenda to make a music video with my seniors. 

Next, the thing I love the most is music. maybe music is more important than a handsome boy I very adore or the food I very can't live without. It's just like music is my boyfriend because it always accompany me wherever I want to. Music always cheers for me yet music make me cry often. I prefer alternative-psychedelic, you name it. More of my favorite musics in here

I can't even think what I will be tomorrow or next year. I am a girl who really has many dreams to pursue. Being in a media-entertainment industry is my passion but writings is my greatest desire. I love to write since I was in elementary. I've tried to send my short story or draft novels yet I've been refused a lot. I don't care. for me, I just have to try anything because I have faith in myself.
Now I've learned a lot how I must write well. even now I am still learning. I want to be an author. yes, I want to read my own novel with my own photos-illustration in it. 

Moreover, I would like to tell more dreams I was thinking about. soon, I  want to make stop motion movie in the street of Tokyo city, photo hunting with lomographers Seoul, sleeping under Paris Eiffel, spending a day to walk around in Macau, watching classical concert in vienna or prague, you name it. I want to feel many societies I haven't met before. I know that must be wonderful.

--- life is indeed simple, but never been easy.----
 that's what I thought.