I miss my activity - work as cameraman

this was not easy to hold camera on stage so well, ya know

I miss hanging out with them

interviewing Gugun and The Blue Shelter

interviewing Efek Rumah Kaca
ijal, bang cholil, and me

what that event? it was an college activity event, it called 'In music we trust Vol. I", actually not a truly 'college' but, the commitees and the creator is my classmate, he has a project with the sponsor and he has to make something big in our area. so he made it! and I got invited to be a documentary event with my club, Cinematography Club

oh yeah, there were so many musicians, the great indie musicians. beside I told you with my photos up there, there were coffee reggae stones and many local band from the campus.

we also join the second event, and I always feel my eyes sparkling if I see and enjoys the musics on stage while I'm doing my job . camera and I are cannot be separated :p

I miss my activity - work as cameraman ( I told you I'm a cameragirl)


waving shore in tidung island

thank you fellas, the days was so freakin awesome and the place too . I've never been regret to be with all of you . cuss (and only we that know what that means - LOL)