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One day left to my graduation. ONE DAY LEFT TO MY GRADUATION. agh, if you think I am freaking out, no I am not. I just don't know how to express my undescribable feeling to this thingy. I am happy, of course finally this day comes. I am glad for sure, the preparation goes well. I am sure tomorrow will be fun, totally. see, nothing I am worry for. I just, don't know exactly what I feel today.

when everybody seeks anyone who can be theirs for 'pw' or 'pendamping wisuda', I totally forget about that. maybe I don't think like everbody does, haha. the things I always thinking for, my kebaya, my shoes, my bag, my lomo (am I allowed to bring that or not?) , what kind of flowers that my friends give to me, what pose I have to be in photosession with my family. okay that is not really necessary. sometimes woman always love to think unecessary things that make us happy, right? but being happy is necessary as well. so? ah, please ignore it, just ... hm

after graduation day, I have a lot of things to do. sooo many things. perhaps I just write them on the list.

  • making some money.
  • gotta make a passport
  • buy travelling books for me and dea
  • buy aiplane tickets
  • send cardtopost to kiram and putri fitria. I want to send these to some members as well so, just wait and see :D
  • scanroll my roll films ( 35mm and 120mm )
  • sending my slide to kedah, Malaysia. I'm gonna swap with fendy's
  • picnic with my girls, bringing our own cuisine and gathering in such comfy place in the morning
  • making some writings again.
  • the last, making stopmotion and gif pictures that I and dea made yesterday.
I am happy that I could make some fun projects again. Thank اللّهُ , I love you the most.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

just wait and see. oh my life seems brighter now

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