what the thing make you feel happiest?

thinking about what happy is, I think about it all the time. I noticed that being 22 is not really easy for godsake. in my 22, I just felt how scary the future will be, when I will die or something, why life is not fair for some people around me. it kills me whenever I think about it, for real. In the past, I really enjoyed everything in my life. I was so easy to control my mind and made them think positively every time. but now, I have to try how to be a positive thinker harder, really hard. my self likes to denial something I can't even handle it and it feels so wrong, oh God. how I'm supposed to do?
so I made points what the things that make me happy.
  1. when I woke up in the morning, my mom just asked me to have breakfast faster, like I am in hurry for school, but I am not
  2. my dad kissed me when I came home
  3. I hugged my young brother, daffa, and he hugged me back even tighter
  4. staring my photo with joe coffin (joe spurgeon) from the horrors, like forever
  5. singing loudly when I rode my motorcycle
  6. sleepover with my dearest bestfriends
  7. and they gave me an ice cream because they just want to
  8. watching nodame cantabile series from the start till the end
  9. watching running man show when I am eating
  10. being teased by ijal when I have nothing to do. yea I admit it
  11. got messages from other friends outside Indonesia. more happy if they say they coming here
  12. lost my weight without even realizing
  13. a friend or more coming to my house spontaneously
  14. got news I've been accepted in somewhere I applied for a job
  15. got news that I won something, like lomo camera and concert tickets
  16. reading magazines I haven't had yet and got a big discount for buying old import magazines
  17. buy flowers
  18. listening vampire weekend albums
  19. buy new pair of shoes
  20. sleeping under blanket
  21. laughing together with dede, even it's not really funny at all
  22. surrounded by my bogor-unpad boys friend because they always make me laugh and they really care about me
  23. drinking home made hot chocolate
  24. seeing my neighbours smiling at me at the far
  25. dancing korean songs
  26. and so many more.

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so, what the thing make you feel happiest?

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