I am so booooored at home. don't know what to do. being jobless like I have nothing to do at home. sebenernya sih ada, itu revisian skripsi yang mana belum disentuh sama sekali. aku males banget, kak! remember my skripsi, I felt like I could do better for that. remember about my GPA, ohh so poor me! even it's not bad at all, I thought I dissapointed my parents for just giving them my 'pas-pasan' grade, and I know that I dissapointed my lecture too. she said I could make it even better because she thinks I am smart enough to make a high achievement in academic arena. yea, I know. that's made me stress at that time. I feel so bego, you know, be-go. I miss the moment when I was in 2 grade elementary, I always had been heard about how diligent and clever I am by my parents and teachers. but now just sucks.

forget about that. eventhough I feel more stupid than I was a kid, I (which means the adult version of me) have a plus side. I become bolder who know how to speak up about a thing. for example, this morning I just did that. hm, maybe not a big deal for you, but I told somebody who made me mad because she didn't treat me well. she asked me to wait and I just sat in front of her, hope to be called and finish my business sooner. but she just ignored me then went to somewhere out there. I know the time was up, but the way she treated me just make me sick for her. gue tau dia males ngelayanin dan dia pun terlihat ngeh kalo gue nungguin dia. tapi dia ngelongos aja gitu, pergi. tanpa babibu basa-basi. you are totally treat the wrong girl, miss

alhasil gue sebel berat, but I didn't want to go anywhere just to show her I am waiting for her.
but I knew it was impossible. so I just went home and restraint my self in order not to curse her when I rode motorcycle. but mm I was thinking again, I will tell her something. so I left a message for her. a really nice message.

dear miss,
if you don't want to serve your customer because the time is up, just ask her to go home and come back again tomorrow, not ask her to wait without any intention. please treat your customer well.


I know I am the wrong girl here, but I just wanna said that important for your life to respect others. you have to think about people's feeling, not just your own affairs. next monday we gonna meet again, miss. I wanna give you the best smile I've ever had :)

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