guess we won the competitions!

it's been a while I didn't post the photos I made in this blog. well, honestly I have a slightly boredom in blogspot and sometimes I don't know what I supposed to write. stuff like that. I have such a complicated things that I have to deal it with my self. but never mind, I'm still me who really loves do something randomly. ooh whatever

on the other hand, I have a good news that makes me really happy this month. I won La Sardina special Seoul edition! congratz me! it was my first time join international lomo competition and I saw my photo has been there with the other great lomo photos. oh my god, that's very awesome!

these are exactly my photos which are not from lomo or plastic camera. I took them with ricoh, he is kiram's and I am so grateful I have him eventhough it's just temporary.
the fact is, I and argita are really prepare this for winning trip to seoul because we wanna have a great holiday freely. so making the props in the late nights, brainstorming the ideas, and try to upload all of these in the low speed of connection. no wonder I am so happy to read the announcement. being runner up is not bad at all. thus, you know what, argita won this in the next stage. so I and her have La sardina per each. what an awesome competition hahaha

this is argita's photo which won the competition in S-E-O-U-L stage. whereas I won in seoul kitchen stage. wuhuuu, we are happy friends! haha

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