an empty heart

for overcast cloud
do you understand about what I feel?
my mouth is locked
but my heart still sings
waiting for an other fingers
embracing, with warm temperatures cool hand
assured me that there's happiness out there, in the end of the endless road

for an empty room
do you understand what I'm looking for?
his soft eyes staring at me
explained his move was that he was at my side
He said nothing, but he comforted
and I leaned on his shoulder, quiet and asleep in the middle of the day

for a cup of tea
if you see my eyes are glazed
crying for no reason, all night
because I just feel lonely
no hit the lives and keep me company

in fact, I only my own
lay in the overcast sky with a cup of tea, in empty room

closed, and now the tears welled

photo by : dina agustina suardi
soundtrack by: Susumu Ueda, Sagashi te Goran ( 1 littoru no namida )


  1. hahhaha . .
    kren juga buat sair lagu tu, he . .

  2. hahhaa . .
    keren din,
    jadiin lagu deh, he . .

  3. thank you everyone :)